Talod Khaman Instant Mix

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Flavour:Khaman 200Gm  |  Size:Pack of 5


How to Prepare Talod Nylon Khaman :

  • Pour The Whole Powder Form The Packet in a vessel after removing small sachet * add 2.5 cups ( 360 ml) water in it and prepare a soft paste and keep it aside for 5 minutes
  • take the contents of small sachet in a 75ml of water, dissolve it well and immediately add it to the paste while stirring the mix constantly till a paste in formed
  • pour the paste properly in a plate brushed with oil.
  • put this plate into steam on high flame for 20 minutes
  • remove the plate and cool it for 5 minutes
  • Now sprinkle 150ml of water on the plate and cut the khaman in a equal piece
  • heat 100 gms oil in a small vessel and add mustard seeds and green chilli and allow it to splatter
  • pour two cups (300ml) of water in it boil it and sprinkle it on ready "khaman"
  • garnish wth coriander leaves and fresh coconut scraping for better taste
  • Note:150ml= 1 cup

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