Super Jumbo Medjool/Majdool Dates 1 kg

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Enjoy the delectable taste of Super Jumbo Medjool Dates. Known for their large size and rich sweetness, these dates bring a caramel-like flavor and soft texture that is truly delightful. Grown and harvested with care, these premium dates are a nutritious snack option and a versatile ingredient to have in your kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Large and Tasty: Super Jumbo Medjool Dates are recognized for their ample size and full, sweet flavor.
  • Soft and Chewy: Delight in the unique texture of these dates, which combines a soft interior with a slightly wrinkled exterior.
  • Rich in Nutrients: Medjool dates are a natural source of fibre, potassium, and other essential nutrients.
  • Multi-Use Ingredient: Enjoy them straight from the box, fill them with nuts for an exquisite treat, or incorporate them into your favorite recipes.
  • Convenient Pack: Offered in a 1kg pack, ideal for personal use or for sharing with loved ones.

Indulge in the natural sweetness of Super Jumbo Medjool Dates and bring a new level of excitement to your snack time and culinary creations.

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