Steviana Sweetener

Size: 50 SACHETS
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Steviana Sweetener Natural sweetener from stevia leaves Steviana is sweetener that contain of stevia Rebaudiana which is an outstanding sweet tasting herb that has remarkable health promoting qualities ,contains zero calories. Steviana has many favorable and exciting health benefits and is completely non-toxic . Steviana is nutrient rich , containing substantial amounts of calcium , phosphorous as well as sodium ,magnesium ,zinc ,rutin ,vitamin A ,Vitamin C and over 100 phytonutrients . Steviana is also being used as an aid to weight loss and weight management ,since it contains zero calories and reduces the craving for sweet and fatty foods. Therefore weight watchers love it . Unlike sugar , steviana does not trigger a rise in blood sugar levels . Enjoy the sweetener , taste and health benefits of good quality steviana products without the guilt and ill effects of consuming sugar and other sweeteners.

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