Rainbow Evaporated Milk Original 96x170g Carton

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Unlock unmatched culinary possibilities with the Rainbow Evaporated Milk 96x170g Carton. This bulk offering is a boon for businesses, restaurants, or large households who prioritize both quality and cost-effectiveness. Each carton contains 96 cans of our distinctive Rainbow Evaporated Milk, renowned for its rich, creamy consistency and authentic taste, sourced directly from fresh European milk farms.

Absolutely free of preservatives and added sugar, this evaporated milk preserves the natural flavor and nutritional benefits of its original source. Its velvety texture serves as a versatile component in both beverages and cooking. Use it to enrich the flavor of your teas and coffees, or to add creamy dimensions to your cooking—from soups and curries to desserts like puddings and cakes.

The 96x170g carton size provides an abundance of opportunities for culinary creativity while also offering a practical solution for managing your supply needs. Each 170g can is sized for convenient use, ensuring that you have a fresh, top-quality ingredient on hand whenever you need it. Opt for Rainbow Evaporated Milk 96x170g Carton and experience a harmonious blend of quality, convenience, and value in your kitchen.

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