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You can eat peanuts with jaggery and goat. It is good for developing babies, pregnant women and mothers who breastfeed.
Peanuts provide resistant strength to protect us from many infections, hepatitis and tuberculosis. If the sufferers are suffering from hemophilia, it is not so easy to breathe. Peanut is the best food for diabetes patients to cure it, treat women with high blood pressure during menstrual periods.
Lemon juice is squeezed in sheep's milk, and it can be accompanied by a fried roasted sauce. This problem occurs when nicotinic acid decreases in the stomach. The nail in the peanut is modified by this. If a pinch of salt is added to the freshly grounded peanut, the gums in the mouth will be confirmed.
It is best to drain the water in the water for six to eight hours. Pouring the peanut and bananas and honey, the children will get stronger.

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