Pantai Instant Tom Yum Paste

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Instant Tom Yum Paste is the secret ingredient for famous Thai dish, Tom Yum Goong. To enrich the smell and taste of the spicy soup.

Pantai Norasingh Tomyum Paste - 227g / 8 oz - Thailand Instant Tom Yum Paste Tom Yum Paste from Pantai Norasingh brand gives your Thai Tom Yum recipes a rich flavor, aroma and spicy hot Thai-style taste in an instant. Tom Yum Paste can be used not only in Tom Yum recipes but also as a base flavor for other soups and dishes, like Tom Yum Fried Rice. To make Tom Yum Soup, add two tablespoons of Tom Yum Paste to three cups of boiling water. Add shrimp, chicken or seafood for the Tom Yum Soup of your choice. Garnish with fresh kaffir lime leaf to complete this authentic Thai soup.

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