Mamra Almonds

Size: 100 GRAMS
Sale priceAED 14.00


Mamra almonds are primarily native to Kashmir, Iran, and Afghanistan. Due to their rarity and the fact that they are grown in places where the winters are incredibly harsh, these almonds are typically pricey. Although Iran, Afghanistan, and Kashmir produce 3-4% of the world’s mamra badam, their price is higher than that of their American cousin. Kashmiri Mamra Badam is expensive due to its limited production.

Now that Mamra Almonds have piqued your curiosity, let’s discuss why one should buy Mamra Almonds online and how they can be at the top of your nutritious dried fruit snack list that goes well with your dietary habits.

Their price will vary according to their size, rarity, origin, and state of preservation. Due to their rarity and unique quality that makes them stand out from other almonds, Mamra almonds live up to their status as a super snack.

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