Kewra Water

Size: 200 ML
Sale priceAED 5.75


Kewra Water is made from superior quality Kewra and is used as a flavouring agent in Biryanis, sumptuous desserts like Rasgullas, Ras Malai, Sherbet and is a perfect accompaniment to cooking. Kewra water can be used both in sweet and savoury dishes as per the desired taste and flavour. An inspiration to all the aspiring cooks who like cooking flavoursome dishes at home - be it biryanis, desserts, lassi etc. For Biryani, just add a few drops sprinkled before the final cooking step and can be used in the same way to meat dishes with gravy, like Qorma, Kalia etc.


Purified Water, Kewra Extract, Dispersing Agent, Acidity Regulator, Preservatives.

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