Dry Golgappa Puri / Pani Puri Papad 200g

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Bring the street food experience right into your home with Dry Golgappa Puri. Made with 100% whole wheat, these ready-to-fry puris transform into crispy, round spheres when deep-fried, providing the perfect vessel for your favorite fillings and tangy pani (spiced water). With approximately 90+ puris per pack, there's plenty to share during your next chaat party.

Key Features:

• Authentic Street Food: Recreate the experience of eating golgappa at a street cart with these ready-to-fry puris. • 100% Whole Wheat: Made with wholesome whole wheat for a delicious, nutty flavor. • Easy to Prepare: Just heat oil and fry until the puris puff up and turn golden. • Versatile Ingredient: Ideal for making pani puri, but also great for other chaat dishes. • Convenient Pack: The 200g pack contains approximately 90+ puris, making it perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Enjoy the authentic taste of street food at home with these versatile Dry Golgappa Puris

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