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Cinnamon is made from the inner dried bark of Cinnamomum an evergreen tree. A rolled dried inner bark of the tree. Can be used whole or broken down into small pieces.

  • Cassia Cinnamon sticks/chips

Is the most common, because it’s flavor and price. Has a strong extremely aromatic which runs the original taste more than the other variety’s. Giving you a delicious sweet and savory flavor at the same time. Adding a rich pleasant warm taste to any dish.

  • Ceylon Cinnamon sticks

Is called “True” Cinnamon. Is less common and more expensive, its tan-brown in color, the aroma is a bit woodsy. And is Milder Sweet then the other varieties. Never takes center taste in the recipe. But the advantage of Ceylon Cinnamon is the ultra-low Coumarin levels. Coumarin in high doses can be dangers, so for people who use a lot Cinnamon Ceylon is the choice.

Here are some ideas to enjoy your cinnamon sticks:

For cooking or baking, finely grate or grind in a coffee or spice mill before adding to recipes,

Or add whole sticks and take out when finish cooking or baking.

  • Use in recipe for cakes, pies, cookies, puddings, cereal, doughnuts, bread, oatmeal, granola, and even in Meat, baked vegetable, and curries, and great for pickling.
  • Give your cup of coffee, iced tea, hot chocolate or even in your cup of wine, cider. A new flavor by adding 1 cinnamon stick. Can also be used instead of sugar.
  • Use it as a flavorful garnish and decoration especially for preparing desserts, or just on any food platters.
  • Since cinnamon sticks are used in potpourri, so just boil the sticks in water to enjoy a delightful fragrance in your home.


Try our high-quality (cassia, Ceylon) cinnamon sticks/chips we are sure you will be 100% satisfied

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