Cashew With Skin Salted

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Size: 500 GM
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Cashew nut is a soft nut, there are certain amount of nutrition which will be lost when the nuts are exposed to air and light. The skin retains the nutrition value of the nut as it is. It’s a wise decision to buy cashew nuts with the skin. The skin also brings with it additonal flavour and crunch.

It has been assumed by many that cashew nuts are packed with fat. The truth is cashews have lower fat content than most other nuts and most of it is in the form of oleic acid, the same heart-healthy monounsaturated fat found in olive oil. Cashews are rich in the mineral copper, an essential component of many enzymes.

Tulsidas brings to you delicious cashew nuts with skin which are superior in quality, more delicious and more nutritious.

The cashew nut skin may be allergic to health, hence the skin has to be pealed before consumption.

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