Size: 500 GRAMS
Sale priceAED 6.50



  • RICH IN NUTRIENTS: Barley Is a Nutritionally-Rich Grain, and Barley Flour Also Contains a Lot of Essential Vitamins and Minerals, Including B Vitamins, Iron, and Zinc.
  • DELICIOUS FLOUR: Whole-Grain Barley Flour Has a Delightfully Nutty and Slightly-Sweet Flavor That Will Enhance Your Dishes.
  • VERSATILE FOR BAKING: As It Contains a Small Amount of Gluten, Barley Flour Great for Cookies, Muffins, and Shortbread.
  • GREAT SOURCE OF FIBER: Barley Flour Contains About Three Times More Fiber Compared to White Wheat Flour.
  • EASY TO USE: You Can Use Finely Ground Barley Flour on Its Own Or in Flour Mixes.

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