Ariel Detergent Basic 10 KG

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Achieve unparalleled cleanliness with Ariel Detergent Basic 10 KG. Specifically formulated to tackle even the most stubborn stains, this detergent offers a comprehensive cleaning solution for all your laundry needs. Its advanced formula is engineered to penetrate deep into fabric fibers, effectively lifting away dirt, grime, and persistent stains to provide an overall clean that you can see and feel.

Ideal for both colored and white laundry loads, Ariel Detergent Basic ensures that your clothes retain their vibrant colors and whites stay brilliantly white. Its fast-acting formula begins to work as soon as it contacts water, minimizing your need to pre-treat or soak items, thereby streamlining your laundry process.

To top it all off, the generous 10 KG package size offers substantial value, ensuring that you have enough detergent for multiple laundry cycles. This makes your laundry tasks not only effective but also economical and hassle-free.

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