Agarbati - Incense Sticks

Size: 20 STICKS
Fragrance: Lavender
Sale priceAED 2.00


  • SIMPLY NATURAL: It’s Simply Vedic – Premium Incense Sticks, 100 % Natural free from charcoal and other chemicals. The fragrant incense stick fills the environment with positive energy to make your living space and even work space aromatically Blissful.
  • HAND ROLLED: Bamboo Stick is hand rolled in a formulation mix using natural extracts as per the Vedic ancient method and is rolled by hand on the bamboo sticks. A quality natural product where Fragrance Touches the Soul.
  • Long Lasting & Environment Friendly: Each stick burns over 60 mins, providing right aroma for Meditation, Yoga, Spiritual Healing, Prayers, Ritual, Nirvana, Aromatherapy Energy Cleansing, Relaxation, Yoga, Reiki or Meditation practice. A blissful offering for everyone. Re-divines you with a feeling of Positivity, well-being, inner peace.
  • 1 Pack Contains: 20 Sticks Pack 

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