Al Barakah Dates All Natural Date Paste 500 gm

Sale priceAED 6.50


Al Barakah Date Paste is a natural and highly nutritious ingredient for the confectionery and bakery industries. It can also be consumed directly and mixed with other ingredients as a healthy and nutritious snack. Date paste production line ensures the final product is completely free from fragments of seeds, calyx, or other foreign items. The end result is a 100% natural and creamy product with no additives or preservatives. Creamy rich texture. No additives or preservatives. Free of date pits.
Ingredients: Natural Dates
  • A no mess, no pits convenient alternative to dates.
  • Consumed directly as a healthy spread, or mixed with other ingredients.
  • Pit free with all the goodness of whole dates.
  • Pack Format: Easy open thermoform tray in shelf-ready case.

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