1 Sponge Pad and 2 Steel Scourer Set

Size: 1+2 PACK
Sale priceAED 4.50


Steel Scourer

Rust free, Soft on hands and 100% Hygienic products. Cleans almost all utensils like pans, steel pots, gas stoves, wash sinks, kitchen tiles etc... Caution : Not for use on non stick products. Direction to use : Use it with any Dish wash Liquid or Washing Powder.


Sponge Pad

multi-color multi-purpose sponge scourers - with one side absorbent sponge and other side scouring pad is hard wearing, long lasting and excellent for tough cleaning chores with sparkling results. The scouring side is suitable for removing stubborn stains like tough baked on messes, burnt food, grease and grim, while the sponge side is suitable for wiping surfaces clean. Great for the kitchen, garage, and outdoors.Ideal for washing up pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and utensils and for all general cleaning around the house.Also ideal for restaurants or pubs.

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