Premium Types of Mango available in the UAE | mango.dxb - Tulsidas

Are you a mango lover? At mango.dxb, we understand the appeal of this juicy, tropical fruit, which is why we source only the best varieties from around the world to deliver to our customers in Dubai, UAE.

Here are some of the different types of mangoes that we offer, and where they are from:

  • Alphonso: Known as the "king of mangoes," this variety is prized for its sweetness and fragrance. Our Alphonso mangoes come from the western region of India, where they are grown in the state of Maharashtra.

  • Yemen: Grown in the southern Arabian Peninsula, our Yemeni mangoes are known for their juicy, fiberless flesh and rich flavor.

  • Fass: This variety hails from Egypt and is prized for its large size and sweet flavor.

  • Keitt: Our Keitt mangoes come from Egypt as well and are known for their firm texture and mild, sweet taste.

  • Owais: Another popular Egyptian mango variety, Owais mangoes are known for their small size and sweet flavor.

  • Sindhri: Grown in the Sindh province of Pakistan, Sindhri mangoes are known for their unique flavor and fragrance, and are often considered the best mango variety in the country.

  • Chaunsa: Another popular mango variety from Pakistan, Chaunsa mangoes are known for their rich, creamy texture and sweet, juicy flesh.

  • Anwar Ratol: This small, yellow mango is grown in the Punjab region of Pakistan and is known for its sweet, aromatic flavor.

  • Kesar: Grown in the western Indian state of Gujarat, Kesar mangoes are known for their bright orange color and sweet, musky flavor.

  • Organic Alphonso: Our organic Alphonso mangoes are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers in the state of Maharashtra, India.

At mango.dxb, we are passionate about delivering the freshest, highest-quality mangoes to our customers in the UAE. Whether you prefer the sweet, fragrant flavor of Alphonso mangoes, the juicy goodness of Yemeni mangoes, or the unique taste of Fass, Keitt, or Owais mangoes from Egypt, we have something for every mango lover. Try our mangoes today and experience the taste of tropical paradise!