Parle Monaco Cheeslings

Size: 150 GM
AED 6.25

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About the Product

Crunchy savouries for bite-sized snacks that are the ideal description for Parle Cheeslings. A favourite for all ages, this mini biscuit-like snack is made of cheese and presents a baked alternative to hunger that strikes in between meals. This healthy and tasty snack is one of the best selling products of Parle.


This 150 gm Jar is packed with several mini biscuits. Cheese is the main ingredient as well as salt and a touch of sugar to give it that tantalising edge. Also, it consists of wheat flour, vegetable oil, gram flour, potato flour, yeast and permitted emulsifiers to retain its long lasting freshness.
How to Use

Parle Cheeslings are the perfect snack for tea time as well as a party. It can also accompany you when you are on the go and need something to munch on! This snack can be taken with a creamy dip as well.

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