Pakistan Sindhri Mangoes - Box of 14-16

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The Sindhri mango (or Honey Mango) is a seasonal fruit, available from late May through the end of August. Each mango generally weighs between 350 and 750 grams. Sindhri Mangoes are shaped ovalish, long and large. Their skin colour is lemon yellow when ripe, pulp colour is yellowish cadmium, the texture is fine and firm as well as fibreless, Flavour pleasantly aromatic and tastes sweet.

This is a wonderful mango and is highly recommended to consumers.

Rating: *****

Ripening: You can keep it in the box you received it in, at your kitchen desk overnight, and you will find the ripeness of the Sindhri mangoes in the morning.

Box: 14-16 Sindhri Mangoes (Approximate weight: 3.5 kg - 4 kg)

Origin: Sindh, Pakistan

Grown in: Pakistan

Harvest & Availability:
Late May to Late August: from Pakistan

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