Diwali Mud Diya

Title: 1 DOZEN
Sale priceAED 15.00


Diya / Oil Lamps for Pooja / Puja to brighten your home this Diwali. Mitti Diyas Handmade diyas made by traditional potters in villages. 100% Bio degradable. 100% eco / environment friendly. No colors used. natural color. Although The Culture In India Is Diverse And Varied, It Still Binds The Country Together In Some Form Of Common Identification. We Aim To Bring To You The Most Unique Form Of Art Existing In India.The Products That We Deal In Are The Most Ancient Arts Of India. Our Products Are Unique And Beautiful Crafts Of India That Fits Well As Gifts And As Home Decor. Special Welcome Diya Will Add More Beauty To Your Home Decor And Festivities. Carved Beautifully Out Of Clay For This Festival.

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