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Anwar Ratol (sometimes spelt Anwar Rataul) is a small, yellow variety of mango known for its sweetness and fibrelessness. It is sometimes called the `mini powerhouse`. It is cultivated in the Punjab and Sindh regions of Pakistan, and near the village of Rataul in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is very sweet in taste with less fibre.

 This is a wonderful mango and is highly recommended to consumers.

Rating: *****

Ripening: You can keep it in the box you received it in, at your kitchen desk overnight, and you will find the ripeness of the Anwar Ratol mangoes in the morning.

Box: 16-20 Anwar Ratol Mangoes

Origin: Punjab/Sindh, Pakistan

Grown in: Pakistan

Harvest & Availability:
Early July to Late August from India

We provide gift-wrapped mango boxes with custom messages.

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