Type 00 Italian Pizza Flour

Size: 1 KG
AED 31.50

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For making pizza dough – Caputo Pizzeria Flours is more delicate and is ground finer.

For generations Caputo has been a leading choice among the best pizza makers in Naples, the birthplace of pizza and its signature Neapolitan style. Now for those who pursue the highest quality ingredients for superior pizza crust, Caputo has created Caputo Classica. Flours with balanced granulometria, for an easy hydration. Great ‘workability’, it’s good for soft doughs which keep lightness and flavour after coking.. The high quality protein and gluten result in a consistent long-rise dough.
Caputo Pizzeria.


Caputo Pizzeria is:

  • Additive free and all natural
  • Made in Italy

This product is packed from a master bag into smaller packs of 1 kg 

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