Rice Combo: 5 KG Chakki Fresh Atta + 2 KG XXL Basmati Rice

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Chakki Fresh Atta:

Whole Wheat Chakki Fresh Atta is a Flour That is Made from Fresh Stone-Ground Wheat. This Flour is Made With Wheat That is Grown in India and Stone-Ground in Traditional Methods to Preserve the Quality of the Flour. This Flour is Perfect for Use in Breads, Rotis, and Other Traditional Indian Dishes. This Flour is a Staple in Indian Cooking and Baking.whole Wheat Chakki Fresh Atta is a Finely Ground Whole Wheat Flour. the Product is a Wholesome, Unbleached, and Unrefined Flour That is Perfect for Making Chapatis, Rotis, Naan, Or Parathas. This Flour is Free of Any Preservatives Or Chemicals and is Made from the Whole Wheat Grain. Whole Wheat Chakki Fresh Atta Can Be Used in Recipes That Call for All-Purpose Flour, But It is Best Suited for Indian Cooking. Whole Wheat Chakki Fresh Atta is a Finely Ground Whole Wheat Flour.


XXL Basmati Rice:

Basmati rice is one of the most treasured grains and ageing in rice is essential, as it enriches the features of rice by reducing the moisture content, increasing aroma and yields longer grain length. Aged rice cooks out beautifully with more aromatic scent and gives good bite when relished. The texture is lighter and fluffier. No wonder aged basmati rice is highly prized and relished.

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